Evangelist Jon Conrathe
There’s a real hunger for God in the nation, says evangelist Jon Conrathe

God has been working in pandemic, says preacher

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Dramatic healings via Zoom, radio broadcasts and on the streets show God has been working throughout the pandemic, a preacher has said.

Evangelist Jon Conrathe has reported seeing miracle healings, including restored sight and hearing and recovery from arthritis.

Conrathe, who heads up evangelism organisation Mission24 and presents on Christian TV and radio, says he was initially mystified as to how to work during lockdown. But he credits God for providing the way forward.

“Lockdown hit and I thought, ‘What are we going to do?’ God reminded me of the number of people he healed at a distance just by his spoken word.

“I started to do Facebook Live programmes, Zoom meetings and videos, and miracles started happening.

“People were delivered from suicidal thoughts, others got their sight back and deaf ears were opened.”

A remarkable story came in from a remote village in the Congo after Conrathe had presented a show for Glory FM, which broadcasts to southern Uganda, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. “I was preaching on the power of the name of Jesus and I saw a picture of a young girl paralysed in a village.

“God was telling her to get up and walk, so I said, ‘There’s a young girl listening to me, and I say in the name of Jesus stand up and walk.’

“It turns out a girl living with her mum in a remote part of the Congo had been paralysed with cerebral malaria for two years.

“Her mum got in touch to tell us she was listening to the show on a little FM radio. In faith she put the radio on her daughter’s head and prayed as I was talking.


“God healed her. She got up, walked, and has been totally healed ever since.” Conrathe says thousands have reported healings to Glory FM.

But the Mission24 team has seen God work just as dramatically in the UK too.

He cites a story told by a team member, Wayne, who had been setting up banners for street prayer in Manchester.

“The sign read: ‘Jesus is Lord. Prayer for healing’. Wayne said a lady walked past and asked what he was doing. He told her about his faith and the depth of Jesus’ love for us.

“She asked, ‘Even me?’ Then she told him about her pain and circumstances and confessed she was on her way to commit suicide.

“But instead of that, there and then, she met Jesus and he literally saved her life.

“There’s a real hunger for God at the moment. Hundreds are finding faith even if they aren’t interested in church. We have to go to where people are and talk to them – that’s what Jesus did.”

From New Life Newspaper issue 322.

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