Terry Waite
Terry Waite was held captive for almost five years, mostly in solitary confinement

Former hostage’s advice on coping with isolation

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When it comes to lockdown Terry Waite CBE certainly knows a thing or two. A successful hostage negotiator, Terry spent almost five years in captivity himself when negotiations with the Islamic Jihad Organisation went horribly wrong.

Held in solitary confinement in Beirut, Terry was released in 1991.

During a recent interview on Virgin Radio, Terry said: “As we come to terms with Covid-19, right across the world there will be many people who are frightened, disappointed and angry. As a hostage many years ago I faced the very same feelings and had to learn how to live under difficult circumstances. I had to learn how to keep hope alive. In my days of solitude I said to myself, ‘Suffering, in most cases, need not destroy. Often out of suffering something creative can emerge.’

“Many of the great works of art or literature have emerged from great suffering. It’s quite possible the same can be true for the situation through which we are now passing.

“If we let it, eventually this seeming tragedy can and will be turned around. Let us keep hope alive and let this situation bring out the very best in all of us.”

Terry’s top tips

● Keep in contact with others via digital and other means.
● Keep yourself well – don’t slob around all day in pyjamas and a dressing gown!
● Keep up a routine – get up at a certain time, eat regular meals.
● Take exercise – dust off the exercise bike, do some online exercise or go for a walk.
● Take this time as an opportunity: do some of those things you’ve been meaning to do for years!

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