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William Branham’s ministry stands as an encouragement and also as a warning

William Branham – The Prophet of Controversy

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The gift and calling on his life were unquestionable, but with William Branham came controversy.

Some men are ‘a beacon to be avoided and not an example to be followed’, according to well-respected 19th-century churchman Bishop JC Ryle. The Old Testament heroes, Samson and Jepthah, were two such men. We cannot approve of all they did, and certainly we should not try to imitate them. Yet the Lord – in his sovereignty and wisdom – undoubtedly used them and we have to recognise his power and anointing upon their ministries.

The American prophet and evangelist William Branham was, to all intents and purposes, another such man. Initiator of the post-war healing revival, Branham was born into poverty in a dirt-floor log cabin in the hills of Kentucky in 1909. The first of ten children of Charles and Ella Branham, he was raised near Jeffersonville, Indiana.

William Branham’s family was nominally Roman Catholic but he had minimal contact with organised religion during his childhood. His father was a logger and an alcoholic, and William Branham often talked about how his upbringing was difficult and impoverished. A mystic from his youth, Branham reported divine visitations at ages three and seven.

Having left home at 19, William Branham worked on a ranch in Arizona. He claimed to have also had a short career as a boxer, winning 15 fights for a ‘Golden Gloves, Bantam Weights’ class. At the age of 22, however, he had a conversion experience that changed the direction of his life. Later he was ordained as an assistant pastor at a Missionary Baptist Church in Jeffersonville.

In 1933, Branham experienced a personal healing, and felt called to preach as an independent Baptist. The same year he preached to 3,000 people in a tent campaign in similarly named Jefferson, another town in Indiana, and later built Branham Tabernacle there. When his wife and baby died in 1937, Branham attributed their death to his failure to heed the call to conduct campaigns in Oneness (‘Jesus Only’) churches.

Branham claimed that throughout his later life he was guided by an angel who first appeared to him in a secret cave in 1946. Preaching to congregations of thousands (sometimes 20,000 would attend his meetings), his ministry was characterised by amazing manifestations of healing and the word of knowledge. Church historian David Harrell says of him: “The power of a Branham service… remains a legend unparalleled in the history of the charismatic movement.”

Deliverance from demons was all part of a Branham meeting. Before casting out evil spirits he would insist the congregation bowed their heads during the exorcism lest the spirits get in another person! Despite the apparent primitiveness of the approach, however, no one could doubt its effectiveness.

The American evangelist, TL Osborn, told of his visit to a Branham healing meeting: “I was especially captivated by the deliverance of a little deaf-mute girl over whom he prayed thus: ‘Thou deaf and dumb spirit, I adjure thee in Jesus’ name, leave the child.’ When he snapped his fingers, the girl heard and spoke perfectly.”

Very often, as people approached him in the healing line, Branham would describe their illness, other unknown information about them, and sometimes even call them by name. The gift, many people insisted, was 100 per cent accurate. Walter J Hollenweger, who interpreted for Branham in Zurich, said that he was ‘not aware of any case in which he was mistaken in the often detailed statements he made’.

The Canadian charismatic leader, Ern Baxter, who knew Branham well and worked extensively with him for seven years, also testified to the tremendous accuracy of his words of knowledge: “Before praying for a person, he would give accurate details concerning the person’s ailments, and also details of their lives – their home town, activities, actions – even way back in their childhood. Branham never once made a mistake with the word of knowledge in all the years I was with him. That covers, in my case, thousands of instances.”

According to Baxter: “Branham’s use of the word of knowledge actually started out as a phenomenon in his hand. He would take the hand of the person in his. Immediately at the base of his thumb, in the thick part of his hand, there would be a specific manifestation according to the sickness or need. From seeing the phenomenon so often, I began to pick up what these were and became adept at reading them. Tuberculosis was a light pink flush. Cancer was an angry red appearance in which the ball of his thumb just seemed to surge like a wave.”


In addition to his diagnoses of medical conditions, Branham had astounding insight into people’s hearts and motives. Baxter recounts that one time Branham came to a certain man in the healing line. He looked at him and said: “Sir, I see you have come into this line tonight to trick me. In fact, I see you last night in a room sitting around a table with four other ministers. You are a minister of such and such a denomination.” He then pointed up to the balcony and said: “Those four men sitting up there are your friends, and you plotted last night how to trick me. I was to tell you what was wrong with you, and you were going to deny it.” The men just turned around and fled the building!

On another occasion it was reported that Branham called about ten people who needed healing out to the front of the meeting. Speaking to the first woman in line he told her she would need to repent of her adultery if she wanted to be healed. The man behind the woman suddenly said: “Do you mind, sir! That’s my wife!” Branham looked at him and told him he needed to stop carrying on with his secretary. The couple each admitted their sin and Branham took some time to counsel them – and when he was ready to move on everyone else had sat down!

Many claims of supernatural manifestations were associated with Branham’s ministry. Perhaps the most famous is shown in a photograph taken of him on the night of January 24, 1950, during a debate between Branham, another healing evangelist, FF Bosworth, and a Baptist minister, regarding the biblical justification for healing. The photograph, the only one of its film roll that developed successfully, showed a light appearing above Branham’s head.

Gordon Lindsay, a member of William Branham’s ministry, made arrangements to have the photograph examined by George Lacy, a professional examiner of questioned documents who worked in Houston. Lacy, in his report, stated, “The negative submitted for examination was not retouched, nor was it a composite or double exposed negative.” Branham believed that the light was supernatural and was a verification of his ministry. A copy of the photograph is held in the Library of Congress photograph collection.

In contrast to the caricature of an image-minded evangelist, Branham lived and dressed modestly and even boasted of his youthful poverty. This endeared him to many people, who idealised him. He was self-conscious about his lack of education, but the simplicity of his messages had worldwide appeal. By acquiring Gordon Lindsay, editor of the ‘Voice of Healing’ magazine, as his manager in 1947 and also playing down his Oneness theology, Branham enjoyed popularity among Pentecostals and was also highly touted by the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. However, support declined as his ideas became more and more unorthodox.

Branham’s insistence that believers baptised in the name of the Trinity must be re-baptised in the name of ‘Jesus only’ put him on the fringes, but other teachings plunged him into heresy. His doctrine of the ‘serpent’s seed’ taught that Eve’s sin involved sexual relations with the serpent. Those descended from the serpent’s seed were destined for hell, which, however, was not eternal. Only the seed of God – those who received Branham’s teaching – were predestined to become the Bride of Christ.

Branham proclaimed himself the angel of Revelation 3:14 and 10:7, and prophesied that by 1977 all denominations would be consumed by the World Council of Churches. To him, denominationalism was the mark of the beast.


In December 1965, Branham was seriously injured in an automobile accident. He lived for six days after the crash but died on Christmas Eve in a hospital in Amarillo, Texas. After his death it was reported that Branham’s followers expected him to be resurrected, some believing him to be God, others claiming him to be virgin-born. Even today he has his disciples. Branham’s life and ministry raises an obvious question: how could a man so gifted with a powerful prophetic anointing have fallen into such error and caused so much confusion among his followers? The first reason probably lies in Branham’s almost complete lack of education. The remarkable signs and wonders that followed his ministry could not disguise the fact that he was both academically and theologically illiterate.

Baxter recalled: “When he would speak, his English grammar was bad, and his theology worse. A lot of ministers gnashed their teeth and wrung their hands when he preached.” For such a man to try to teach doctrinal truth was, naturally speaking, courting disaster.

The second answer to Branham’s theological waywardness is that the ministry of the prophet and the teacher are different, and problems occur when any ministry oversteps its calling. The prophet might reason that, if God has given them genuine prophetic information about people’s lives, why shouldn’t he, in the same way, give them sound doctrine? But a prophetic gifting in no way guarantees the gift of teaching or sound doctrine.

Baxter said: “Branham saw himself as a teacher of some kind of ‘in’ truth. To me, some of it was quite esoteric. I became aware early in his ministry that there was a mixture. I urged him not to say some things in public. As long as we worked together he refrained. One of the reasons for my leaving him was that he was starting to say some seriously wrong things. I think there can be a lesson in this. Branham, as a miracle worker, had a real place. Branham, as a teacher, was outside of his calling. The fruits of his teaching ministry are not good.”

The antidote to the doctrinal problems Branham experienced is team ministry, with prophets and teachers working together; the prophets providing the vision and the drive while the teachers keep the show on the straight and narrow with sound doctrine.


Well known speaker and author, Mike Bickle, has wide experience of pastoring prophetic ministries and says: “When prophetic people and evangelists become separated from the local church, they become tempted to establish doctrine as a gifted teacher does, especially if they have a large following.

“Some of the unbalanced doctrine so widespread in the body of Christ has come from such people who have large followings through television and radio. They teach multitudes who have been gathered by the supernatural gifts of the Spirit that operate through them. However, if they don’t have a teaching gift that has been cultivated through proper training in the Scriptures, they are sure to teach unbalanced doctrine to their followers.”

Branham’s ministry stands as an encouragement and also as a warning. It shows us what can happen when a simple, uneducated man ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit under a prophetic anointing. But it also shows us the pitfalls that can happen even in the most powerful ministry.

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  1. Thank you for this interesting article about William Branham and pointing out his gift as an evangelist and prophet. God used him mightily! Thank you for also pointing out the pitfalls of his ministry, the things he was not suited to by gift. We learn so much through articles like this.

    1. God be praised forevermore.

      It’s indeed great to comprehend the basic ideology of Branham’s and his experience in ministry. Branham’s ministry stands as an encouragement and warning to us all, especially the upcoming ministers that walk in supposition without adequate knowledge and reality of the gifts of the holy Spirit.

      I learn a lot through this article. God bless you all.

        1. Good and balanced story of the life of Branham. Prophets often are lousy teachers and the he ministry of prophets needs to be grounded in the ministry team of the local church. Paul Cain is another example of a prophet who got off the track by not being covered by a local church and eldership. He hung out with other prophets and got deceived early on by a false vision about God commanding him to be celebrate. He ended up in a gay secret Life that did great damage to his ministry. A compassionate man who the Lord used some but didn’t understand accountability as a team player I n a local church. Late in life, the Vineyard tried to provide this, but he ended up rejecting this.

    2. Greetings family

      I am encouraged reading this article i learned something important which will help me front now onwards
      We may pocess de gifts of prophecy word of knowledge healing and deliverance but let us not neglect Knowledge of the word of God
      Joshua 1:8 study and mediation
      Intensive bible study under the feet of any mentor or spiritual father is key to avoid mistakes which can damage the reputation of a minister of the gospel

    1. God still vindicated him to the end. That speaks volumes! None of his critics could produce anything close. Remember that the LORD Jesus was killed by religious zealots!

      1. Dear sister if you can see that much you are truly blessed, keep close to Jesus and he will show you more.. Bro victor Malton nyorks

      2. Amen. God bless you my precious sister. Just as you’ve rightly said, “None of his critics can ever produce anything close.” William Branham’s Message still stands as the Gospel Light for this day.

        No matter the weight of criticisms, we still love Branham’s teachings and we will still follow it until Christ returns. For we know what we have believed. Amen.

      3. In John 6: 66, we read many of CHRIST disciples turned from following HIM, why because of HIS teaching,
        A servant is not greater than his Master, the called the master Baalzebub,
        Malachi 4: 5 & 6 is fulfilled

  2. He was a true prophet. Malachi 4:5. Amos 3:7. To unbelievers it is hard to believe but to the bride of Christ it is Thus Saith The Lord. We shall rest on that. It is what Paul taught. Serpent, True baptism is a mystery to unbelievers. God hides them from the prudent. Im so glad that I’m one of them. Just watching the prophecies getting fulfilled before our eyes.

    1. I believe Brother Branham is a messager sent from God in this end-time. He was the Prophet that was spoken of in Malachi 4. I came to the Lord in 1975 and was baptised in The Name of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Regretfully I backslid for quite a few years. But By His Grace I am back worshiping The Lord. Praise God for His Goodness and Mercy!

    2. William Branham was a true prophet whose doctrines had scriptural backings. You can talk down on him, but all that Branham preached and believed was genuinely correct. The world from the very beginning hated anything that was true.

      1. Where in the scriptures does it say you must bow during exorcism lest the cast out demon enters you?

        We are not taking away the prophetic gift that was on him but the main theme is knowing when not to overstep your calling.

        1. Did Our LORD over step HIS calling in John 6: 66?

  3. My dad was a preacher and a faith healer. He was in a couple of Branhams meetings and he said you checked your spirit before you went in there because it was as if Branham could see right through you.
    I witnessed power of the Holy Ghost in my dad’s Ministry. tThe casting of the devils ,the sick being healed, and the dead brought back to life. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever!”

    1. Cos that gift was the “son of man” being revealed again in this day….simply the holyghost through a prophet revealing Christ the word., They just can’t get their carnal ( 5sense reality prisoners) mind around it, as were the religious back in Jesus day.

    2. Shalom, if people are blinded by the way he pass on, they should see how Paul died, they chop off his head so is John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus Christ, dieying a pitiful death is not a symbol of panshment from God. Not every body believes Paul the apostle to be a man of God, many still dispute what he taught, Many turn back from Justus in his day and so it was with John few believe on him, why then should every one believe that Branham is a man of God? This message draws a line and separate believers an unbeliever. I don’t expect an unbeliever to believe the message of the hour

      1. Accurate & pointed speakings! for the message of the Cross is esoteric indeed.

      2. Accurate & pointed speakings @ Olivia! for the message of the Cross is indeed esoteric. And it takes the gracious humility & docility received of the Holy Spirit by the ‘believers only’ – not rationalists or intellectualists – to believe on ‘Jesus only’ as the message or true doctrine, and her proponents the true ministers or servants of God. It’s never revealed to mere flesh and blood ( great or small) but those sheep that hear & believe the voice of the good Shepherd of their soul through genuine “born-again” convertion, lowliness or humbleness (Jm. 4:6; Ps. 51:17; Jn 3:3,5)

        Friends, let’s have the unbendable backbone & boldness of true christian soldiers in oneness of faith and purpose.
        Refuse to be blinded, bedevilled or besieged as a devotee to any other name or gospel (whether famous or obscure; true or fake); refuse to be entrapped in the end time web of fanaticism (I’m of Paul or Apollos, Peter or Branham); reject the organized religion or churchianity of men, so-called Christians, who wander away from sacrosanct Christianity–which is the way, the truth and the life of Christ. No true believer is permitted to have a number of foci but a single focus (Heb. 12:2). You’ve been expoused to one bridegroom, as a bride of Christ alone.

        In a nutshell, I’m of the warning & teaching that no heaven-bound believer or bride is permitted [under God] to judge another man’s servant…lest you overstep or usurp God’s jurisdiction and place in other people’s life and concerns.
        More important, preaching or propagating the place & preeminence of any ministry or minister should not be our commission, preoccupation or priority. It’s not my calling! though with due respect to your personal philosophy or reservations. But as for me, I strongly don’t believe am living the spiritual dimension of my life just to earnestly contend or defend any other (great or small, true or fake, learned or unlearned–not even self) but JESUS only.


  4. I thank God for sending William Branham as a prophet in this end time. Jesus said that before the destruction of the earth, Elias will come, and he will reveal to us, what we do not know. What the world finds foolish, God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. It is a lie to say that William Branham prophesied that WCCK will consume denominations by 1977, he PREDICTED, that wasn’t a prophecy and he was very particular, Acts 2:38, commands us to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of our sins, William Branham only read the Bible

    You say that the mistakes you BELIEVE he made was because he was both academically and theologically illiterate. Tell me, did Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist go to theology school before they became God’s prophets? Everything William Branham talked about was in line with God’s word, and I can prove that over and over again.

    1. God bless you… I stand with you . Bro Branham was without error… I have proven him to be true and I’m not reconsidering my position.

    2. True, but sis, do you know wmb made so many dual statements. As for this write up, it is was done in ignorance. But the prophet spoke next phase after his ministry in his message on the seals (7th seal). Have logged on to that… that’s the present move….

    3. Whoever you are… May our dear Lord Jesus bless you more and more….you speak nothing but the truth

    4. Jesus Christ said Elijah had already come and the closest inference was to John the Baptist . Matthew 17:12

  5. Thanks for the information. There are some false conclusions in your article. The Prophets job was to declare the word of God and God used signs as a verification of that person. In all these cases of “Prophets” there is not one medical verified healing. No before and after X-rays. No coroners report of death. Solely only testimony from partial witnesses. The test of a false Prophet is there false testimony! By your own statement he was a false Prophet.

  6. Dear Matthew, over 50years I am well acquainted with the World wide healing ministry men such Bro Osborne, bro Roberts, Bro Bosworth and any others. If you were to study more carefully you would find these. Great evangelists and soul winners are just a tiny part of the work that God has both before and after the The second World War. Branham headed up a large part of the Work of these dear men and was vindicated by doctors and heat leDers as to the truth and authority that was in William Branham.. We are in the end time and many great leaders and statesmen know this.. Many kind regards. Victor

  7. I believe sorry I know he was The Prophet sent from Almighty God to tie up all the loose ends.
    Be very careful what you say about bro. Branham.
    To say he was a false Prophet will never be forgiven. I live in Britain.

  8. Elijah and Jesus and the rest did not go to theology school and their prophecies came to pass other than branham.am not against him.i just believe in Jesus and God as it is in the Bible..I can also decide to wake up and say I saw a fire on my head as I stated myself in the mirror.so just believe in Jesus and God because that’s the only key thing and the other People no.and also Jesus spoke and favoured the sinners and those who believed and those who did not while branham says that it’s only Jesus or perish.thats not right because after all Jesus died for both the sinner and those who did not believe in him.

  9. He was a True prophet and we believe God’s message through him.

  10. I do believe Brother Branham is our Prophet sent to us by God in the end times to show us the way the Bride is suppose to live, act, and dress. God didn’t give him the gift of healing just to heal people but that the gift would vindicate his message. Bro. Branham was just a man and wasn’t perfect but the message God sent us through him is perfect. I just hope that I can live a life that’s worthy of knowing the truth.

  11. The article is revealing. No man can stand in all the five offices without making blunders. This should make every minister of the Gospel understand that God in His wisdom has ordained that no minister should be alone without the complementry role of other graces. Thank you for this work. I believe we all have a lot to learn from the life and ministry of bro. Branham. God bless.

  12. Thank you so much for this piece. Thank God for sending us the last age messenger to tie the loose ends. I’m identify with all he did. He completely finished his ministry before he was called home. I will meet you in the morning my prophet.

  13. Brother, I enjoyed your article…….up until the end when you basically said that Brother Branham stepped out of his calling by venturing into his preaching ministry, because he was teaching wrong doctrine. That is basically what the Scribes and Pharisees thought of Jesus. As long as he was operating in his healing and miracle campaign they were his followers. But once he began teaching doctrine that they couldn’t understand, (“unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood” for instance) they walked away from him. It is the same with Brother Branham. But the miracles was just to prove that God was vindicating him. His main purpose was to get a people ready to make the Rapture. And what he preached, whether people like it or want to accept it, was on target. He certainly wasn’t perfect, he erred “as a man”, but he was the Elijah which was prophesied to come (for the Gentiles), not the one that is to come to Israel, and just as the Bible says.

  14. •When lies has been in the field for too long, it becomes a truth because the people knows no different but what they have been thought by their scholars from the school of prophets. So when the truth comes, it is seen as a rebellion or heresis.
    • Insisting on the point of William Branham literacy, is also denying the facts that, God can use illiterates. Whereas the entire bible is full of common men who hardly knew their A, B and C’s but God used them to do great and mighty things that even the theologians of their days could never dreamed of. An example of such where the apostles, whom the theologians of their time saw them as unlearned men but we make references to the epistles of this unlearned men.
    • sighting the two doctrinal points raised in this article water baptism and the original sin or the serpent seed,
    Talking on baptism from what you wrote, you beliefe in the trinity baptism of father, son and holy ghost and Branham believed in baptizing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You shouldn’t have discarded and publicly condemning him as an illiterate who didn’t know the scriptures, without carefully examining the scriptures if what he preach was right. Because there is no place in the entire bible where anybody was ever baptized in the titles of Father, son and Holy ghost but there are numerous places where the apostles to whom the great commission was first given to, baptize in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 2:28) Questioning these, is to question the very fundamental doctrine of the new testament church qhich was build on the teachings of the apostles.
    Branham was a servant of the most high sent to a theological infected churches and moral bankrupt world but was brandished a heretic. Which is likely the same things that happened in the old days of the church. When christ came, He was brandished as a beelzebub but prostitutes, demon possessed and commoners confessed him to be the Christ. The disciples were rejected, persecuted and killed for preaching against the system.
    Speaking of his death, which of the apostles died a normal death? They were all butchered, mangled and broken. They died the most of all shameful dead. And today you see a man who came and demonstrated God to godless generation. You take and crucify him on your pulpits.
    For more infos +237677276015
    Email: mbognikevy77@gmail.com

  15. Miracles alone is not enough proof of beinbg a prophet or God sent. We should always remember that the word admonishes us about the end ent times and that if the days had not been cut short , the very elect could be deceived by the end time satanic prophet who will work a lot of miracles.
    As believers we need a spirit of discernment and we should be ready to compare every word some of these people say by the word of God.(bible). Other than that no miracle should convince me because your stand on the word of God and your understanding of the scriptures is a necessary condition.
    Brothers and sisters no new doctrine other than that established by Christ and the early church.
    there were anything like a serpent’s seed we would have seen it in Paul’s writing and not wait for him. THE UNADULTRATED WORD OF GOD IS WHAT WE SHOULD ALL BE WAITING UPON AND NOT MAN WORSHIP


    1. Brother James, what do you know about unadulterated word of God? Is serpent seed a new doctrine? Haven’t you read in Genesis 3:15 about the seed of the serpent or serpent seed? How do you expect Paul to speak of things he could not see clearly (1 Corinthians 13:12)? Haven’t you read that Cain was of the evil one 1John 3:12?

  16. Osadebe Ifeanyi

    No matter what gift or ministry God sent to the people the devil always finds away to criticize or kill the vessel God sends but God would allow his permissive will to play out for a reason best known to him.
    Go ahead everybody is free to air his or her opinion to things in life. One thing I know is that, God had sent his messenger with a vindicated message supernaturally and scientifically proven beyond any reasonable doubt as an ensign to the Laodicean church.
    So let he that has ear hear what the Spirit had spoken to the churches.

  17. Human beings have a strong tendency to elect people to follow. I don’t see Branham as someone special, he was just a man of God who devoted his life to what he believed to be, but he ended up making gross biblical errors because of lack of knowledge and Bible study. I don’t condemn him for that, but if the people who followed them as a “god” were less mystical, they might see reality. The laws and the prophets prophesied until John (the Baptist), according to Jesus in the Gospels. The verb to prophesy did not have the same meaning for the apostle Paul, who always said that “to prophesy,” that is, preach the Word, would reach more people. But the meaning of the word prophecy today refers to the person who foresees the future—a total distortion of what the apostle Paul meant. So people are misled by their tendencies to elect ordinary people to follow, and every time that happens, two things can happen: the first is that many heresies will arise in this process. The second is that God can interrupt the process for the benefit of His Kingdom.

  18. The critics did not bring up any valid argument, apart their vague “stepped aside;uneducated, sound doctrine etc”. Could not The Lord stop him, if he stepped aside from His will? Does God need your help or, has God spoken to you that he stepped aside? If yes,please bring up the evidences? Jesus Christ’s followers were also uneducated and not well spoken, compared to the religious leaders of the time.

  19. Citing illiteracy and his lack of “theological” education as a reason not to believe him is the lamest excuse, your analogy of how people cringe at his lack of grammar is not only offensive but smacks of a similar picture thousands of years before when a lowly Carpenter was similarly despised by the Pharisees of His day for the same reason. God used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, educated people can not be taught, they “know” too much. God is to be believed not reasoned and His word is not for private interpretation. God never chose the high and mighty, indeed even in a man that grew up in the corridors of the palace like Moses, God had to get him to unlearn all his so called learning to make him a man that could be fit for purpose. The bible is full of similar examples of men who by men’s standards where not fit to be teachers/preachers because of the backgrounds and levels of education but God equipped them. Also what’s the purpose of healing when he was not allowed to talk about the HEALER. Healing was the gift to draw the people so that they could be told about the HEALER and who better to talk about the HEALER than the vessel God chose to heal.

  20. This is the message from the back- slidden person. Repent or perish. If you don’t have something to say just be quiet. Brother Branham is the prophet of God.

    Touch not my annointed ones111

  21. This is to all critics and unbelieving devils about the prophetic calling of William Marrion Branham to the entire world of our day, continued warming up with your cain spirit and begins to gamed with your rewards from the prophet to grieved your soul the more. But as for us the believer of William Marrion Branham message, a driving tool to the wedding super of the Lord, we are contented with it. We are not partaker of your unbelief.

    Touch not my anointed ones as brother Gims Sithole have rightly said.

  22. I must agree with Bro Freeborn who has just commented above. As far as the Bible is concerned, education has nothing to do with spiritual gifts. God raises His man from nowhere and takes him home the way He wants, nobody can question God. William Branham died after he got involved in an automobile accident, John the Baptist was beheaded, Paul as well, Peter was crucified, so your argument is baseless.

    About his teachings, Jesus had followers as well when He performed miracles but later in John 6, we find many disciples deserting him, did Jesus compromise? Definitely not. Continue with your critics because they remain harmless to us, the believers of the Message.

    We’re the Bride of Christ whose Messenger is William Branham, take it or not!

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