CfaN campaign in Mbeya, Tanzania
The whole place went wild with salvations, reports guest evangelist Daniel Garcia from Mbeya, Tanzania

CfaN launches Decade of Double Harvest

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Christ for all Nations (CfaN) just completed its second ‘Operation Decapolis’ campaign in Africa, where they recorded 519,498 decisions for Christ!

The staggering numbers are the result of six weeks of evangelism throughout East Africa, culminating in five huge gospel campaigns held simultaneously in the cities of Dodoma, Iringa, Mbeya, Morogoro, and Tunduma.

The new strategy is part of Evangelist Daniel Kolenda’s vision to win 150 million converts in the next ten years. CfaN has called the initiative ‘The Decade of Double Harvest’.

Kolenda, successor to renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, says that God showed him this exponential increase would come via ‘multiplication’ rather than addition. As a result, CfaN is investing into training a ‘whole new generation’ of evangelists via three-month intensive ‘Evangelism Bootcamps’.

Multiplying impact

When Bootcamp students graduate, they are invited to work alongside CfaN to multiply their impact.

In 2020, CfaN was preparing to conduct ten five-day crusades in ten cities over a two-week period in Kenya. But the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and the whole world was brought to a standstill. Rather than cancelling, the team reconfigured everything and managed to go forward with a modified plan.

Last November, during the global pandemic, the CfaN team successfully conducted five crusades in five cities over a two-week period. The result was hundreds of thousands of documented conversions. In their latest campaign they visited the other five cities in Tanzania, reporting nearly a million decisions for Christ!

Following the second Operation Decapolis campaign, the CfaN team plans to train 20,000 mass crusade evangelists over the next ten years.

They plan to launch ‘Satellite Bootcamp’ training centres around the world, with South Africa and Brazil to launch in 2022. They also plan to scale up to conduct 43 mass gospel campaigns each year.

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