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Large numbers are studying the Bible online

Big increase in Bible study app downloads

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A new app that aims to make studying the Bible simple, alone, or in groups, has seen a tenfold increase in users during the coronavirus pandemic.

WordGo, launched by Bible Study Fellowship, is a free resource providing two to six-week Bible courses, consisting of Scripture readings, study notes, questions and audio teachings. The app can be customised, helping participants to decide how much time they want to study and providing the right amount of content to match their requirements.

Between January and July 2020, the app’s users grew by 1,000 per cent. Three quarters of users were women.

The global coronavirus pandemic has left many church congregations bereft of their normal worshipping habits and Christians have turned to online resources as many churches worldwide remain unable to gather in person.

Simon Lennox, director of WordGo, told Premier Christian Radio the app had been developed for the past year and were just ready to launch it when the pandemic hit.

He added: “Suddenly, we had a resource that would meet the needs of many stranded at home or lonely, or churches wondering, ‘How do we stay in community when we can’t see each other face to face?’

“The primary target of WordGo right now is to help people not only to study by themselves, but to study in community.

“We believe that is the best experience of Bible study when you are before the Lord with other trusted friends.

From New Life issue Newspaper issue 317.


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