Are we facing the end times?
Escalators at Bank Underground station in London are virtually deserted during the first lockdown

Are we facing the last days?

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The Covid-19 pandemic may be a wake-up call, warning us to be ready for Christ’s return, argues David Littlewood.

When Boris Johnson was elected Prime Minister, he could hardly have imagined that one of his first acts of governance would be to order an almost complete lockdown of the country.

The unprecedented spread of a deadly new virus has led to scenes of almost apocalyptic hysteria in places, with goods – toilet rolls especially – flying off the shelves as if mankind were anticipating the end of civilisation.

Of course, the plague is not confined to Britain, and similar scenes have been seen all around the world.

One thing people have commented on is how this unprecedented world-wide plague has eerie echoes of the plagues described in Revelation, the last book in the Bible. So the question arises: are we living in the last days?

Many predictions have been made based on Jesus’ words that there would be ‘famines, earthquakes and plagues’ before he comes. But one thing Jesus said about the end times that resonates loudly in our present day and may well indicate that the ‘end times’ are near is the huge rise in communication we have seen in the last 30 years.

During this present crisis churches have been shut down but Christians have still been ‘meeting’ together online. Through the incredible innovation of the Internet it is possible to communicate with just about anyone in the world. As the prophet Daniel foretold, knowledge has increased exponentially and this has paved the way for the fulfilment of one of the most significant of Jesus’ predictions of the end times.


In Matthew 24:14 Jesus said, “The good news about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.”

Speaking to a small group of disciples just days before he was put to death on Calvary, Jesus prophesied that everyone in the world would hear the good news before he returns.

For hundreds of years valiant missionaries have battled to make this possible, travelling to foreign lands and often laying down their lives for the cause. But even 50 years ago it seemed almost impossible that all people everywhere on the planet would be able to hear the good news.

Today, it is not just a possibility, it is actually happening. People are being reached with the good news through the wonders of modern communications.
Even as this terrible plague spreads across the world with many people’s hearts failing them with fear, the good news of Jesus is bringing hope to every corner of the world.

When Jesus died even his disciples thought it was all over, but three days later he rose from the grave, defeating death. So we may very well be living in the last days. A prophecy given by Jesus, which seemed virtually impossible for almost 2,000 years is coming to pass in front of our very eyes. And remember his promise: “Then the end shall come.”

The present plague may very well be a wake-up call to tell us we must be ready for Christ’s return.

From iBelieve Magazine issue 78


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