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Not writing a book on faith would have been a lot safer, says Bear Grylls

Adventurer baring all in first book about faith

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Bear Grylls is known for fiction and books about adventures, but his latest work concentrates on the journey of faith.

Adventurer Bear Grylls has spoken in detail about his faith in Christ.Despite growing up in a Christian family, Grylls has developed his own faith over the years and has pulled away from traditional worship.

He said: “Everything was liturgical and in cassocks and Latin and said, ‘you are in trouble because you’re late’. It was distant and cold and gave a false impression that God is distant and cold. 

“And for me, it has been a lifetime’s journey that is still continuing of unravelling religion from faith.

“The heart of Christ’s message was about freedom and fun and light and love and forgiveness and risk-taking… always messy. But my experience as a child was of it being too neat.”


One man who has been crucial in helping Grylls discover a profound, personal faith is the leader of Holy Trinity Brompton and pioneer of the Alpha Course, an evangelistic course he is now an ambassador for, Nicky Gumbel. Grylls added: “I do go to HTB a few times during the year, but mainly to have lunch with Nicky before or after.

“I don’t feel I have ever been a fully-fledged member of any church. Having said that, I have observed his church from the sidelines for 20 years and I think he runs an outward-facing, lovely church, full of love and acceptance.
“Nicky’s leadership is rooted in humility. You see some church leaders and it becomes all about them, and their wealth and their buildings, if you’re this or that. Nicky has never been like that.”

After numerous best-selling mainstream titles, Grylls’ next printed work will be published by Hodder Faith, who publish titles for Christian leaders like Tim Keller, Pete Greig and Krish Kandiah. It is his first faith-based publication ‘Soul Fuel’, and he explained that it was originally written for his three sons but based on his exchanges with his friend Jim Hawkins.

“With Jim, I’ve done a daily thing for many years – reading the Bible together and then e-mailing thoughts and some feeling and some struggles. Just short, ten minutes.

“Faith is a really intimate subject. And a difficult subject. I could have not done a book on faith and it would be a lot safer.”

Grylls has also been a contributor to Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s book, ‘In This Light: Thoughts for Christmas’, a collection of musings from people across public life about their faith.

From iBelieve Magazine issue 76.

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