Jessica and David Oyelowo
Jessica Oyelowo with her Golden Globe-nominated husband David

Actress writes song about ‘powerful, sacrificial love’

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ACTRESS Jessica Oyelowo, wife of the Golden Globe-nominated star David, has written a song about God’s sacrificial love for their new film The Water Man.

Working on a joint project, the Oyelowos portray the story of Gunner and his relationship with his mother, Lonnie, as her illness worsens.

Speaking of the song, ‘What love does’, Jennifer said: “The song is about that powerful, sacrificial love.

“That when you truly love someone, it’s not about what you’re going to get from them, it’s what you can give to them. Lonnie’s character in the movie is willing to give everything, the way Jesus gave everything for us.

“What love does is, it doesn’t seek its own. It’s 1 Corinthians 13 and there are many references in the song to that beautiful chapter from the Bible.

“But that’s exactly it. The key theme of the film is sacrificial love, seeing what Gunner will do for his mother.

“The song is purely a reflection of that, it’s an expansion of that, giving it words, giving it melody, and giving it visuals too.”

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