Month: March 2017

Major-General Tim Cross – The empty tomb changed my life

“The empty tomb changed my life” Leading thousands of men into battle in Kosovo and Iraq, Major-General Tim Cross leaned heavily on his faith. He tells Charles Gardner how he became a Christian one Easter after visiting Christ’s empty tomb A top army officer was converted after being struck by the reality of the risen Christ during a visit to Jerusalem over …

Only believe in what you see?

If seeing is believing, how does that work with God?  Mark Greenwood, Elim’s national evangelist, continues his series tackling tough questions  A professor once asked me how I could believe in a God I couldn’t see. “I’m a scientist,” he said. “I only believe in things I can observe.” I asked him how we got here, to which he replied, “The …

In the wedding ring – Nigel Benn is fighting for families

Nigel enters a new arena Formerly a serial adulterer, the boxing legend is taking on a rather unusual path… Former world champion boxer Nigel Benn has a new mission in life to restore the lives of men rather than punch them out. After becoming world champion at the peak of his career he attempted suicide when his marriage fell apart and he …

What Jesus says about marriage – James Glass

    Gay marriage is a subject that can no longer be avoided, and it’s even splitting opinion in the Church. Popular American preacher Tony Campolo recently embraced same-sex marriage but James Glass, of Glasgow Elim and Elim’s National Leadership Team, disagrees Tony Campolo is a legend. No doubt about that. An outstanding communicator with an outstanding heart. Why would I …

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